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What is PTBoard?

An administration and communication tool for PTAs, PTOs and schools. A productivity tool for parents and teachers. Secure, Mobile. Easy to use.

What people say about PTBoard

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"PTBoard has been an invaluable resource for both communication between the West Virginia PTA Board of Managers and between the state and local units. By having effective more...resources at our disposal, we are able to further the PTA Mission. I highly encourage PTAs at all levels to incorporate PTBoard in their daily use." Justin M. Raber, West Virginia State PTA President
"PTBoard has become our 7th Board Member! Our families and teachers are pulled in many different directions but PTBoard is a 24/7 one-stop shop that may be accessed easily on a more...mobile device or a computer. We easily create online flyers and email a weekly update that is posted on our PTBoard dashboard. Class parents or teachers may set up a class volunteer schedule using the group calendar which only that group of parents has access to. The online class directory has easily allowed parents to connect with one another to set-up play dates for their children. Reports are easy to run and save on your computer plus there is no paper to keep track of. Lastly, the PTBoard staff has been very open to hearing our suggestions and to make changes as needed! PTBoard will make your PTA a rockstar!" Jorie Gelnett, Ball's Bluff Elementary School PTA President
"PTBoard has allowed me to communicate important dates and events to my school with cute eye catching templates. It has allowed us to send messages easily to small or large more...groups. We have been able to keep our directory current as students rise into different classrooms. The staff at PTBoard is very helpful and knowledgeable about the site and helps answer any questions you may have. Our families love using this compared to previous methods. Thanks PTBoard!" Grace McDaniel, Reston Montessori School PTA President
"PTBoard has changed the way our PTA is able to communicate with our PTA members for the BETTER!! It is so easy to use their announcement feature to send a message to more...all PTA members and school faculty. The sign-up feature has been fantastic for getting volunteers for different activities. I can't sing enough praise for their customer service. Whenever we have had a question, we usually have the answer within minutes!! PTBoard is definitely worth it. " Tahnee, Rolling Valley Elementary PTA Vice President
"As a fairly new PTA in general, with all new board members, being able to find a website that is strictly designed for Parent Teacher Associations and Organizations has been a more...life saver. All of the forms that we need and electronic payment options available to run successful fundraisers and events are right there, already prepared on the site for us to manipulate. However, I have been most impressed with the customer service I have received from PT Board. Anytime I have had a question or need clarification, my representative has been there to help me every step of the way. Each person I have contacted has been extremely understanding and helpful! It has been our best decision as a board to use PT Board as our website partners." Cori Lanigan, Fairfax Villa Elementary PTA Vice President
"My wife and I looked at PTBoard.com last night and were very impressed. I also had my principal take a look; he had not seen anything like it either. As a parent and a teacher more...everything is there and easy to access. If there are any flaws we couldn't find any. I'll talk to the PTA here about it." Don Stansberry-Parkersburg WV, Educator, Coach and Author
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