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About Us


We developed PTBoard with a single mission: making parents’ lives easier by keeping all their children’s activities in one place. We were tired of receiving and sorting through a hundred emails a day. We were tired of checking several websites to find one kid’s field trip date. Especially with multiple kids, it can be hard to know where and when all their school activities are going on. We want to make it simple for you. PTBoard is here to solve these problems for you.

The founders of PTBoard know first hand how busy parents can get. Their children have attended both public and private schools. Private schools deal with different needs than public schools. Because there is a lack of integrated communication, we created this website which can be used for all schools. This site can be used for PTA, PTO, schools and organizations.

We developed PTBoard in order for parents and teachers to communicate, collaborate, share, and organize anything related to their kids’ schools.

This website can be accessed anywhere, because it can be easily used on smartphones and tablets. It is easy to use, from the large icons to the concise wording.