Streamline communication with parents, so everyone's on the same page.
Customized email announcements
  • Templates specifically designed for PTA/PTO
  • Delivered instantly or on a scheduled time
  • Sent to whole school or a specific group/class
Volunteer signups for your needs
  • Email notifications when volunteers sign up
  • Email reminders sent to volunteers before the event
  • Sign up for a whole school or a specific group/class
Easy, fast, & secure payments, so your fundraisers and sales are more successful than ever.
Sales, fundraisers, & donation drives
  • Online credit card payment
  • Instant payment deposit to your receiving account
  • 1-click refund to buyer's credit card
  • PTA, PTO and other membership registrations
  • Academic Class registrations
  • After-school activities/clubs registrations
Silent auctions
  • Online donation items submission by parents and sponsors
  • Full bidding support with "Buy Now" option
  • Flexible settings by auction coordinators
Comprehensive automated reports, so you never have to worry about number crunching again.
Interactive financial reports
  • Interactive financial reports
  • Interactive reports for sales, auctions, and other events
  • Filter reports by order type, item, or customer
  • Manage order status for charges, payments, totals, delivery status and order notes
  • Export reports for your accounting needs
  • Survey submission results and reports for admin
Easy account uploading & rolling over
  • Free support to help you jumpstart and load your users from a spreadsheet
  • Roll over to next school year while archiving graduating accounts
  • Access archived content for up to one year
Personalized directories & calendars, so everyone knows what they need.
Multi-view calendar
  • Events targeted for school, group/class or self
  • Calendar view and list view
  • Recurring events
  • Reminder emails sent to target user group (school, group/class)
Virtual student directory
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Powerful search tools
  • Viewing permissions controlled by admin
  • Display permissions controlled by parents
And so much more!
Share photos & documents
Customize your school page
Manage multiple classes
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